Foot massage

A good foot massage using reflexology to give you body a rejuvenating experience. This massage includes the calves and finishes with the head, shoulder and neck for full relaxation 45mins 60mins 75mins 90mins
Hand and foot reflexology 356 360 450 500
Foot reflexology 360 380 460 510
Foot massage with hot stones 380 390 470 520
Foot spa (scrub + pedicure + massage) 504 564 624
A natural leaf foot bath followed by a foot scrub. Includes pedicure and foot massage

Body massage

45mins 60mins 75mins 90mins
Shoulder and head 420 504
Back, neck and head 362 562 422
Aromatherapy body massage 461 521 581
Choose from the following aromatherapy essential oils: coconut, lemongrass, peppermint, jasmine, lemon or rose
Therapeutic full body/back 512 596 680
Relaxing full body massage 461 545 629
Recovery (strong deep full body massage) 511 595 679
Vietnamese full body 477 560 648
Gentle, traditional style massage from the indigenous mountain folk of Dalat
Thai full body massage 523 649 769
Deep, intense and vigourous massage style from Thailand
Hot stone full body massage 500 640 708
A relaxing body massage followed by hot stones and copious oil. Good for your skin and muscles
Special Roxy 3 in 1 full body massage 504 724 852
Treat yourself with three different massage styles. Deep Thai massage followed by gentle vietnamese massage finishing with hot stone massage

Stomach massage

45mins 60mins 75mins 90mins
stomach ailments massage 377 473 550 660
Good for digestion and stomach ailments to aid restful sleep
Slimming massage 504 648 720 810
Slimming massage with special home made wine rice & ginger juice

Roxy specials

60mins 75mins 90mins
Kitesurf / Windsurf full body massage 554 674 794
A strong and deep massage concentrating on the body areas that need relief after that hard session on the water
Four hand full body massage 856 976 1100
This is truly a unique and wonderful experience. If you've never been massage by two people at once then you must try it at least once in your life. THe sensation of having 4 hands working on you at once is incredible. 20 fingers squeezing your muscles, working out the stress and re-circulating your energy!

Price in 1000 VND